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While completing my Computer Science degree at North Carolina State University, I worked part-time at Da Vinci Systems, then a leading E-Mail software vendor headquartered in Raleigh. I had previously been exposed to networked computer systems in the academic environment, and had learned to leverage NCSU's computing environment as I pursued my degree; but Da Vinci gave me my first exposure to business-oriented networks and the challenges and opportunities they represented.

My experiences working for the Raleigh branch of Computer Task Group and elsewhere prepared me for my first full-time network administrator position with the State, where I successfully delivered reliable networking services to the Raleigh Regional Office of the Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources (DEHNR, now known as DENR). During this time, I began to expand my knowledge by purchasing my own Sun SPARCstation and learning SunOS (aka Solaris v1.x) system administration.

After transferring to the Archdale Building and DEHNR's central Computing Services Division, I took a position with the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), serving in roles such as the Section Chief for Network Engineering (a supervisory position) and also Senior Network Engineer. In 1999, I became part of the original team designing NC WISE, and served as the Technical Architect of the project until 2000.

I began a 3-year return to the private sector in 2000, as a network engineering consultant with Lucent Technologies and, after Lucent's implosion, as a self-employed consultant. My projects included Sun server configuration, CiscoSecure implementation, network analysis and design, and managing the NC CATS online testing project for DPI.

In 2003, I joined the Department of Revenue as a Network Engineer, and established a track record of successful project implementations and developing solutions to difficult issues. In 3Q2005, my job scope shifted to eCommerce platform management, and included leading SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) deployments on a variety of hardware platforms.

In 2Q2006, I transferred to NC Information Technology Services, where my current responsibilities encompass design, implementation and management of nearly 400 Linux systems for more than a dozen customers, across 20+ different projects and application environments. I continue to expand my skills in these areas as well as information security and BC/DR planning.

Since 2009, I have been a leading participant in exploring virtualization technologies for Linux, including using the KVM and VMware platforms. In addition, I am the primary staff member responsible for the design and implementation of a Nagios-based monitoring solution for 450+ Linux, UNIX and Windows hosts, development of a central user account management solution for the Linux and UNIX environments, and have lead the use of a Wiki as a knowledge-transfer and internal documentation tool.