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Supervisor Feedback

In the past decade, I've established a solid track record as a technically-skilled problem solver. But don't just take my word for it. Read what my supervisors have had to say.

Performance Evaluation, June 2008

" [David d]emonstrates excellent communication with the Linux team, [other teams and] agencies...."

" David...demonstrates an overall level of Advanced Competency...."

Performance Evaluation, July 2007

" David has consistently delivered great customer service.... [He] works independently and under pressure."

Performance Evaluation, May 2006

" David brought a disciplined approach to product installation. He advocates standardization, and the implementation of best practices. David has recommended tools for controls, security, and better administration of the client server environment."

" David is an excellent communicator. He provides clear, accurate, detailed explanations on complex issues in a way that they are understandable to the IT novice."

" David was asked to implement IM [Instant Messaging] as a pilot. He made excellent recommendations that would confirm or deny the usefulness of this tool. ....his approach was excellent."

" David on at least two occasions has taken his own time and money to further his knowledge."

Performance Evaluation, June 2005

" David is detail-oriented. After David fixes a problem...he writes detailed reports to management and other staff members. David's project work is always complete and does not lead to other problems."

" David continues to do an outstanding job as the lead staff member for GroupWise."

"... does a very good job documenting fixes and what effect they will have on our environment."

Performance Evaluation, June 2004

" David did an outstanding job in creating the GroupWise system. This was by far the highest-profile project that my group was responsible for this year. David stepped up to the plate and hit a home run on this project."

" David has shown good initiative...he has often asked what can I do next? He seeks challenging tasks...."

" [He] has gained the trust of his team mates."

Performance Evaluation, June 1999

" David's technical expertise and ability to research problems and make appropriate recommendations make him a valuable asset at DPI."

Performance Evaluation, June 1998

" Always willing [and] eager to show new recruits 'how to'...."

Performance Evaluation, June 1997

" David has accepted a new role [as Section Chief] and worked hard to fulfill all of its expectations. His skills and knowledge make him a valuable asset."

Performance Evaluation, June 1996

" He is a self-starter who is not reticent to take on tasks he sees that need to be done. He has exhibited excellent technical skills and has been a team player.... David is a valuable asset to his unit...."